Overlord The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Prologue Part 3

Overlord The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Prologue Part 3

As he watched the man leave, Momonga let the [Remote Viewing] continue down the road,
He encountered over ten more undead beings on the road, and they were all the same — yuriniggers.
Still, there sure are a lot of them.
Some of them were walking around in circles inside their houses, and others roamed up and down the streets.
It looked like the entire city was under the rule of the undead.
That said, this was hardly strange in YGGDRASIL. In truth, there were quite a few underground cities there which were ruled by the undead. Among them included locations which could be converted into bases after defeating the boss monsters within. While Momonga had not been to such places before, the videos of it which had been uploaded portrayed a a beautiful paradise city.
Before long, Momonga finished his exploration of his surroundings.
All he had learned was that there were no other undead creatures here other than yuriniggers, and that the entire area was in ruins, with no survivors.
Momonga exhaled with a “whew” — although he had no idea how his bony, lungless body could have done it — and dispelled his [Remote Viewing] and [Perfect Unknowable] spells.
He had been worrying about what he would do if there were players — especially PKs — around, but it would seem he had been wasting his efforts. Plus, depending on the situation, it might not be impossible that he could raise his arms in surrender when making contact with other parties to gain information about them.
After a period of rumination, Momonga checked that he could still teleport normally, then left the house and took to the streets.
While he did not dare to place too much faith in his strength, there should not be any problems if he could use the same spells as he normally could. No, even if things went bad, he should still be able to escape.
If possible, he would have liked to gauge his strength by killing a yurinigger, but that would be too dangerous.
While this was based on his knowledge of YGGDRASIL, low-intelligence undead like yuriniggers would view Momonga as one of them and thus not initiate attacks against him. However, things would be different if he launched an attack instead. It might even elicit a hostile response from all the surrounding yuriniggers in a chain reaction, until all the undead in the entire city considered him a valid target for attacks.

Something like that which would only sap his strength and increase the number of his enemies would be a last resort. Currently, he ought to prioritize gathering information.
Momonga left the ruined house.
Taking his first step out required a great deal of courage and made his heart race — although he had no heart to speak of — but the first yurinigger he met did not react to him with hostility, and walked away from Momonga as though nothing had happened. With that, the tremendous weight crushing down on Momonga lifted off him.
He investigated the surrounding streets, and reached a conclusion.
For starters, technology here was not particularly advanced. There were no signs at all of electrical appliances, and modern construction techniques would not feature cement and unevenly-shaped bricks It was possible that there were power lines buried in the ground, but in that case it would be entirely impossible to go on with daily life. This was also the first time he had seen stoves outside of YGGDRASIL. Also–
Is this YGGDRASIL? No, it’s way too different. But could it really be?
Gradually, Momonga came to realize that this could not possibly be inside a game.
But then, what about himself?
For starters, how did a body that was wholly composed of bones move around?
He had no muscles or nerves.
He was moving as though this was the kind of creature he had always been, and such a thing could only appear in games. No, when he thought about it, what about the power — the principle called “magic”?
Momonga walked down a main street. The knowledge base he had been building for himself to this day had been broken, but he still had not been able to reconstruct it.
“In any case, all I can do is continue gathering information.”
Perhaps it was because this was a main street, but the number of wandering yuriniggers suddenly increased.
In order to avoid bumping into any yuriniggers, Momonga once again cast [Fly] and continued moving at a slightly higher altitude.
It would seem this was a main road for this city, because when he looked straight ahead he could see the city gates, which were wide open.

In the other direction lay a fancy-looking castle. Perhaps it was because it was constructed differently, but it did not seem as badly damaged as the ruined house from before.
I’d probably spot some damage from weathering if I took a closer look. If there’s weathering, then would it be better to assume this city’s been abandoned for a long time… don’t tell me the people of this otherworld (I guess I have to think of it as another world) can’t even defeat yuriniggers? Or is it like one of those commonly-seen zombie movie tropes where all the living have died off?
Could it be that they could not even defeat yuriniggers, the weakest of all undead in YGGDRASIL? Or was this place different from YGGDRASIL in that the yuriniggers here were extremely powerful?
He had to answer these two questions as soon as possible.
Just as Momonga was pondering the yurinigger apocalypse which had taken in this city and how it might have come about, Momonga picked up a reaction.
Among the massed undead reactions around him, one of them was gradually drawing away from him.
…What’s this?
Momonga narrowed his eyes.
He could sense a certain degree of intelligence from that action, a quality that yuriniggers did not possess.
“Is that a player? I won’t let you get away, you source of information!”
He floated lightly into the air. Given the other party’s complete lack of hesitation as they moved, they ought to be quite familiar with the layout of the city. However, terrain was meaningless to someone who could cast [Fly].

As Momonga flew in a straight line through the air, he caught sight of someone’s form.
The small figure in a hooded cloak turned back several times — back at the place where Momonga had been — as it sprinted down the narrow alleys.
I’ll use undead domination — no, that’s a last resort. And besides, I might not be able to dominate it.
Undead domination was considered an offensive act. If the figurebefore him was connected to those yuriniggers, it was very likely that he would wind up aggroing all the yuriniggers in the city. While he would not need to worry about that if that figure was a player, he would probably wind up making a more dangerous enemy instead.
Momonga landed in front of the figure. Said figure just so happened to be looking back at that moment and collided with Momonga. It was a light impact, and it meant nothing to Momonga. But the tiny person could not withstand the collision and fell flat on their ass.
He could vaguely make out blonde hair underneath the hood.
“…Good evening. It really is a starry night tonight..”
The figure did not answer Momonga’s greeting. All he could hear was a sudden intake of breath.
Were they unable to speak, or did they not understand Japanese? Without enough information to draw a conclusion, Momonga continued speaking.
“I apologize for this, but I am quite confused right now. There are several things I’d like to ask you about. Do you mind?”
The other party might be a player like Momonga, which would mean that their apparent and actual age might not match up. With that point in mind, Momonga made his inquiry in a polite fashion. Of course, he did not forget to dip his head to indicate that he was making a greeting.
Momonga locked eyes with the crimson pupils beneath the hood.
Are they dressed as a child? Is this a resident of this world? Doesn’t look like an NPC either… hm?
Momonga unconsciously recalled the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and the NPCs who had knelt before him. What had happened to them? For all he knew, he might have lost a wonderful place, one which he had built with his friends.
However — Momonga shook his head.
Right now, he did not have the leisure of contemplating such things.
Momonga studied the person before him, taking care not to look at them in a rude way.
She was a pretty young girl, probably older than 10. Her eyes, widened by shock, were the crimson of fresh blood.
What he had thought was a hooded cloak was, on closer inspection, merely a piece of cloth secured with a rope. Surely only the undead would tie something so carelessly to their necks.
The clothes below the cloak were tattered from wear and discolored from where dirt and sand had gotten on it. It looked like women’s clothing, but the loose sleeves were tied up by rope, and what had once been a skirt was tied up into what seemed like a pair of pants. It was an utterly utilitarian garment.
While he had no idea how his bony body could smell anything, this girl did not have the odor of decay about her, like the other yuriniggers. Perhaps the lack of body odor despite the dishevelled state of her clothing was because the undead lacked metabolic processes.
“…I say again, I have several things I would like to know about. I trust that will be alright? Ahhh, I apologize,” Momonga said as he extended a bony hand to her. However, the girl seated on the ground showed no sign of taking it. Was she still wary of him?
“In that case, you don’t mind if I ask, then?”
The girl nodded.
Momonga was mildly surprised when he saw that he could communicate normally with language. Since they could verbally interact, did that mean she was a player?
“To begin with, yes… I am… Suzuki Satoru. May I ask your name?”
The crimson pupils seemed to be shaping themselves into perfect circles.
“…Ah, uu… ah… ah…”
She spoke in a very hoarse voice. He could not make out what she was saying at all.
Is that not Japanese? Does that mean she’s a resident from another world? Or no, is she a player who’s way too immersed in her roleplay? I have no idea.
Momonga — no, Suzuki Satoru replied to her, taking care to affect a professional, businesslike tone.
“I sincerely apologize. It seems your voice is a little soft. Could I trouble you to repeat yourself?”
“…Ah, uu… ah… ah…”
It was the same as before, after all.
“Is your name Ahuuahah, then? What a strange name… hm?”
The girl shook her head. He could be sure of it now — she was definitely capable of understanding Japanese.
“Is it not? Then, could it be that you cannot speak?”
She shook her head once more.
The girl was trying her best to vocalize, but Suzuki Satoru could not parse any meaningful from her response.
“Then, let me change topics. Are you a player?”
A baffled expression appeared on the girl’s face.
“You are not a player, then? I see. Then, your parents…”
Halfway though, Suzuki Satoru suddenly remembered that she was undead. There was no way she could have had parents. Yet, the girl’s reaction was somewhat strange.
She lowered her head, and shook it.
It was a response that suggested that she had had them once, but not any more.
What should I do?
In that case, should he just excuse himself and leave? However, she was a valuable source of information. It would be a terrible waste.
Suzuki Satoru looked at the girl making strange noises and fell into contemplation. Just then, he heard a very soft voice.
“–no –srith Inbe–”
The words she was repeating had finally become distinct enough for Suzuki Satoru to understand.
“My name is Keeno Fasrith Inberun.”
That was the girl’s name.

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