Overlord The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Prologue Part 1

Overlord The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Prologue Part 1

A Strange Tale of the Absolute Ruler

As he sat on the throne, Momonga ignored the faint satisfaction and redoubled shame he felt for a moment and began looking around the interior of the room, whereupon he saw Sebas and the maids standing stock-still and motionless. Standing so rigidly in this room made him feel a little lonely.
He recalled that there had been a command for this. Momonga thought back to the commands he had seen before, and then extended a hand before gently waving it from top to bottom.
Albedo, Sebas, and the six maids (Pleiades); all of them knelt before him in the way subjects would abase themselves before their master.
That was good.
Momonga raised his left hand, and checked the time.


He ought to be just in time.
Right now, the GMs were probably nonstop broadcasting and others were setting off fireworks outside. However, Momonga – who had blocked all these things out – did not know of them.
Momonga leaned against the throne, and slowly raised his head to the ceiling.
He had built Nazarick, this most difficult dungeon, with his friends. For that reason, Momonga had thought that a group of players might decide to invade on this final day.
Momonga waited.
He would welcome any challengers in his position as Guildmaster.
While he had sent messages to all the former members, the number of people who did actually arrive could be counted on one hand.
Momonga waited.
He would welcome any returning friends in his position as Guildmaster.
“A relic of the past, huh–”
Momonga thought.
While this guild was nothing more than an empty shell now, he had had enjoyable times with it in the past
He shifted his gaze to count the gigantic flags dangling from the ceiling. There were a total of 41 of them in all, the same number as there were guild members. Each flag bore an emblem of a member. Momonga extended a bony white finger to point at one of them, and allowed the memories in his mind to reawaken… but his hand stopped mid-motion.
–Now’s not the time for such things!
Momonga thought about a certain plan he had prepared for today.
A plan for a glorious finish at the end.
In order to celebrate with his friends who had come back on the last day of operation, in order to do something big with them right at the very end, Momonga had gone to a shopping district that he almost never visited, purchasing vast quantities of items, intending to use them to conduct an event.
However, while several of his friends had come all the way back to the guild, regretfully none of them had stayed until the very end.
Those particular friends who did come back… had of course put their real lives first. As Momonga had watched many of his friends leave the guild for the same reason, it was a conclusion he could have anticipated.
Even so, Momonga still felt terribly lonely, and terribly frustrated at the same time.
It was because these two emotions filled his heart that he had completely forgotten that his original intention was to take part in the event with his friends. No, perhaps it was because he did not want to remember it.
Perhaps there might have been another ending, which was to forget about the event and sit on the throne to await the end.
However, he thought of it now.
In that case–
Momonga suddenly rose to his feet.
I have to go! Even if it’s only me! I need to give this whole thing a glorious conclusion at the end, even if it’s only me!
There was no more time.
Momonga released the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown which had been in his firm grip, and at once activated the ring on his right ring finger – the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

As he operated the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, a list of teleport destinations appeared.
However, the first was his own room. Why the hell was it set to a place like that? Momonga griped over something that normally would never have bothered him, and scrolled through the selections.
“Got it!”
Momonga could not keep himself from exclaiming in delight.
After finding the teleport destination closest to the surface, Momonga was about to tap it when he hesitated for a moment
Momonga’s eyes went toward the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.
As a Guild Weapon, its destruction meant the destruction of the guild. From that point of view, leaving it there was the safest choice he could make.
However, had Momonga not thought of something before he had taken it up earlier?
That’s right, walk with me – for you are the proof that the Guild Ainz Ooal Gown once existed.
Momonga gripped the staff tight, and activated the power of the ring.
The teleportation went through in an instant, and he was transported to an expansive room.
There were two rows of narrow stone biers used to lay corpses to rest on either side of him – though they were unoccupied now. The floor was made of polished limestone. To the rear was a flight of stairs heading down, and at their bottom was a set of double doors – the doors leading to the first floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.
This was the closest place to the surface to which the teleportation power of the ring could take him.
The displayed location name indicated that this was the Central Mausoleum of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.
“I need to hurry!” Momonga shouted, to spur himself on.
He glanced at the watch on his left hand, and the time was–


–He was almost out of time.
It was as though he could hear the door-closing chime of the train doors cease, replaced by the hissing of gas from within the door.
Momonga cast 「Fly」, as though he were a salaryman sprinting up the stairs
Despite his panic, Momonga’s movements as he scrolled down the console and selected the flight spell were not misplaced in the slightest.
Every spell had its place on the spellcasting console.
If he did not know these things, if he made any mistakes when he needed to cast spells, it would affect activities such as combat. For that reason, Momonga had spent upwards of a year memorizing every single position of the console. While this effort left his other teammates dumbfounded, Momonga had still never managed to beat Touch Me even once despite his hard work. Even so, Momonga had always felt that his good PVP track record was due to his practical diligence, and that was probably true.
Momonga flew with all his might towards the great swamp surrounding the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.
Posture control during flight was surprisingly difficult. He had once heard someone say it was like playing a dogfighting game. Still, if he was only flying in a straight line, then simple movements would suffice. Or rather, there was no need to control anything at all. All he had to do was not touch the control interface.
Once he left the surface portion of Nazarick – in other words, the graveyard – behind him, he would be in the mist-filled swamp region.
The forms of monsters appeared in the mists, but right now, all active mobs had been set to an inactive state, so he would not be attacked so long as he did not strike first.
This shift to inactive mode had been implemented roughly a week ago. That, combined with the frequent sightseeing activities, had apparently led to a lot of new discoveries.
Even Momonga could not contain a gasp of delight when he saw the videos of those discoveries. As for the ones which had not drawn such reaction from him, he instead cursed, How the hell would anyone know about this, were the devs stupid? in his mind.
I thought that someone would try to invade us for sightseeing purposes. After all, they’d be able to pass through the Grenbera Swamp without expending any resources.
But nobody had come.
It was worth celebrating, of course, but at the same time it also made him feel lonely, as though he had been completely forgotten by the world. Something like that.
Momonga narrowed his eyes – although his expression did not change. He had reached his destination, an island floating on the swamp.
It was a curious little island.
It was not very large, but it was covered with a great deal of cylindrical objects, enough to fill its entire surface.
Momonga produced a stick-like object with a button from his pocket dimension, and held it in the hand which was not holding the Guild Weapon.
“Here I go!”
As he exclaimed those words in a forceful tone that he would normally never use, Momonga pressed down hard on the button.
In that moment, the cylinders which were so tightly packed that there was hardly any space between them all discharged balls of light into the skies above. They were too close together, so it looked just like a gigantic ball of light.
They were fireworks sold by the YGGDRASIL developers – or perhaps the operations team – at a low price.
Momonga had purchased around ten thousand fireworks and arranged them on this island. However, he had not set them all out, because he had gotten bored halfway through. Right now, Momonga probably had at least a quarter of those fireworks still in his inventory.
“…I need to wake up at 4 tomorrow, huh.”
Momonga watched the receding afterglow in the sky, muttering morosely to himself as he watched the orbs of light climb slowly into the sky. He had originally intended to enjoy this scene with his friends who had come back to celebrate the last day of the game with him. However, there was nobody by Momonga’s side now.
And then, a massive explosion burst in the sky. Light overlapped with more light; it was no longer a fireworks display, but something that was almost like the super tier spell 「Fallen Down」.
The flashing lights enveloped Momonga as he flew.
Momonga did not know how it would feel when a DMMO’s servers shut down.
This was because Momonga, no, because Suzuki Satoru had not played any games other than YGGDRASIL. However, he was sure that it would not end in a hopeful way. He was sure it would be like a sudden snapping of a string and he would be forcefully kicked back to reality.
Even so–
Maybe it would feel better if it ended while I was surrounded with light–
He would return to the real world several seconds later. Even so, this moment felt like it was made to vividly display the joy of Suzuki Satoru.
And then–

–Momonga began to panic.

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